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Wycliffe Bible Translators Global Mission


Wycliffe Bible Translators is dedicated to translating and delivering Scripture to people around the world in a language and form they understand best. Rich and Katrina Boutwell are missionaries supported by FBC Huntersville. They serve six different language communities.  They provide assistance in the training of 23 national translators, coordinating tone and grammar research as well as overseeing revisions to the alphabets as needed.  People who never had a chance to read the Bible because their alphabet and language were never translated, are now able to do so.

Lake Norman Community Health Clinc




The Lake Norman Community Health Clinic is the oldest, largest and most comprehensive free health clinic in North Mecklenburg and South Iredell. In 2013 they provided 7500 appointments for 1500 different patients using dollars donated by community churches, individuals, businesses, private foundations and civic organizations. For every dollar donated they were able to provide $3.69 in free healthcare service to the uninsured. Over 90% of their services are provided by volunteers and donations of supplies.


Even with the Affordable Care Act not everyone has access to health insurance. Those with an individual income below $11,490 and a family of four below $23,550 are not eligible for insurance nor can only qualify for Medicaid under special circumstances.  LNCHC is dedicated to bridging the gap for these at-risk individuals and families. Services include a primary care clinic, on site lab, orthopedic clinic, women’s clinic, diabetes and nutrition classes, specialty referrals, physical therapy and chiropractic services. Their patients are asked to contribute $10 per visit to cover administrative costs. Volunteers and donations are always needed and you can become a partner in helping provide healthcare to our community. Check out their website at